Looking towards a great new year ….

The 2017-2018 school year is about half over.  As this semester comes to a close, our students are preparing to take their end-of-the-semester exams.  The faculty and staff pride themselves by “teaching the student – not the subject”.  This method of INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION assures each student’s ACADEMIC SUCCESS.  It’s what Memorial Day School is all about….educating students to prepare them for the future.  Our faculty opens their classrooms before school begins and after the school day to any student looking for extra help to understand the subject matter.

Often overlooked because of the 50 year old buildings, we invite our parents to come in and see what we are all about.  Never judge a book by it’s cover nor a school for the pretty buildings.  Afterall – it is what is going on in the classroom that really matters.

So as this semester comes to a close, we are grateful to all of the families that have chosen Memorial Day School for their student’s education.  We are fortunate to have the finest faculty and staff working with our families and we will continue to do what we do.

Happy Holidays to All.  May this season bring you health, happiness and success.