FAMILY.  We are always talking about our “family” at Memorial Day.  Family to us is just not just the dictionary definition.  Walk our halls; sit in our classroom; attend one of our plays or an athletic event.  Family are those who we hold dear in our hearts….not necessarily related to through marriage.  Family are people who are special to us.  Family supports each other, cheers for one another and can speak truthfully to one another.
We confide in our family.  They are the people we listen to and they listen to us.  And family are those who push us to be our best…like our teachers, our administrators.  They push hard because they want the best for us…why ?? … because they truly care – they are FAMILY.
Family is always there.  Right or wrong, they are there with words of encouragement and acts of love.
Memorial Day School is family.  And like any family – there are great days and days that need to be forgotten.
Come join our family.  See why we believe we have a special school with special people.
Every Family Has A Story …… Welcome To Ours !!