And we are off……

After a record-breaking number of attendees for our OPEN HOUSE, our school year began on Wednesday, August 2.
Our Senior class were greeted by their parents lined up on Hampton Street displaying posters of their favorite student as they pulled into the MDS parking lot before being treated to a ChicFil-A breakfast.
Memorial Day faculty lined the car pool lane to WELCOME HOME our new and returning students.  There were plenty of hugs and high-fives as old friendships were renewed and new ones began.  The feeling of FAMILY was never greater.
Classes began and the first day of school was declared the best ever in school history.
Our administrative staff worked diligently all summer to make the 2017-2018 school year nothing short of awesome and we are off and running to make that happen.
We are so happy to welcome everyone back and as we say at Memorial Day … “Every Family Has A Story….Welcome To Ours !!”